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Check template

Check that your template is fine

To prevent possible errors, a template that has already been injected and one that has not yet been injected can be checked. The checkTemplate method is available for this purpose. This returns a bool or a response object.

An exemplary call:

SGL.checkTemplate("basic", "example_template")

// Returns true or false

SGL.checkTemplate("advanced", "example_template", new Example_Template())

// Returns true or false


// Returns either true or a response object

There are 3 usage modes available for this endpoint:

  • basic
  • Checks if an already injected template exists and is valid.
  • Returns a bool.
  • advanced
  • Checks if a template passed at this point is present and valid.
  • Returns a bool.
  • all
  • Checks all already injected templates.
  • Returns either true or a response object.

The default behavior for missing parameters is to return false.